Erica & Taylor
Erica Lagerson and Taylor Chesnik met in their freshman year of college at The George Washington University. Both now live and work in Washington, DC, and renovate a 1920's colonial home together. They also have 2 dogs, Sampson and Delilah, and 2 cats, Solomon and Azrael.


Christina Lagerson, Mother of the Bride
Christina has worked as an air traffic controller for over twenty years and lives in Jackson. Tennessee.

Edward, Father of the Groom
Edward is a successful attorney and lives in Brookville, New York.

Susan, Mother of the Groom
Susan is a homemaker with three children and lives in Brookville, New York.


Terri Pendleton, Matron of Honor
Terri is a born leader who inspires others with her fabulous ideas and infectious excitement. She is also Erica's neighbor and great friend. Whether lugging Christmas trees to the nieghborhood Holiday Fair or navigating the bumpy road of home renovation, she manages to always keep her sense of humor.

Masha Balac, Bridal Attendant
Masha and Erica moved to the neighborhood within a month of each other and quickly became friends as well as next-door neighbors. They have endured the challenges of leaky pipes, trash removal, puppy training and aching backs together. Masha has provided a shoulder to cry on and a unique, easy-going outlook on life.

Jennifer Godette, Bridal Attendant
Jennifer is also Erica's neighbor whom she met at a community meeting. They got to know each other better as co-leaders of the neighborhood Girl Scout troop. Together they have traversed the Maryland woods, the DC metro system, and King's Dominion amusement park with their troop in tow. Jennifer has proven herself to be very patient, hardworking and compassionate. She makes everything she takes on look easy and is extremely positive and upbeat.

John Shaw, Bridal Attendant
John and Erica met while studying abroard in Spain. They quickly became traveling buddies and explored seven countries together. John is very easy going, humorous and full of fun ideas. He is a true friend, a great drinking buddy and a great confidant.

Emily Turner, Bridal Attendant
Emily and Erica met while working at the Urban Institute. After working nearly a year in neighboring cubicles, they became privy to all the details of each other's lives (good thing they're friends!). Emily has helped Erica through the stresses of the workplace with laughter and understanding and supported her newfound hobby of running.


Morgan, Best Man
Morgan is the elder of the groom's two younger brothers. Morgan recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Bucknell University and is currently involved with several business ventures. Morgan may forget his shoes, but there is always a good story to tell afterwards. Quotes: "Did I leave my shoes in here last night?" "I think I found your parrot."

Griffin, Groomsman
Griffin is the younger of the groom's two younger brothers. Griffin is currently attending Locust Valley High-School on Long Island. Many people say that Griffin looks strikingly like the groom, only younger. Griffin enjoys alternative sports and has seen nearly every movie. He likes to listen to Celine Dion to help him fall asleep. Quote: "Wrestling is not fake!"

Ralph Covelli, Groomsman
Ralph has been the groom's best friend since Kindergarten at the Green Vale School. Ralph is currently an IRC Operator who works for Hurricane Electric, a networking company, on Long Island. Ralph hopes to one day marry . Quotes: "Do you want to buy some teeth?" "I don't care, do whatever you need to get your little jollies, take your silly pictures, I'm going to sleep." "Broadcasting." "0111001011011101110101 011000010111001001100101 0110010011101010110110101100010"

Raoul Gabiam, Groomsman
Raoul and the groom met while working together at The George Washington University. Raoul received his Bachelor's and Master's degree from GW and still works for the University. Raoul is originally from Togo, but now lives in Alexandria, Virginia. Raoul is famous for his chicken marinating skills. Quotes: "And then?"

Theo Chaojareon, Groomsman
Theo and the groom met while working together at the George Washington University. Theo received his Bachelor's and Master's degree from GW and still works for the University. Theo currently lives in Arlington, Virginia with his two dogs. Theo enjoys dancing to ODB (RIP). Quotes: "Hey Dirty, baby I got your money."

If you have any questions at any time, or would like to just say hello, you can reach Erica at and Taylor at